New Zealand has long been known for its green pastures and rich food industry. Now, Idealog has partnered with Sprout Accelerator to find New Zealand's next big thing in food production, with a focus on businesses that are using food waste in an inventive way, harnessing indigenous culture or reinventing packaging. We're calling for designers, entrepreneurs, chefs, innovators, and people with ideas to submit a business idea and go in the draw to win a prize worth $85,000.


Water once and walk away is the secret to growing successful microgreens thanks to Auckland startup Micropod. The team behind Micropod has crafted seed mats for a range of nutrient-dense microgreens that can be grown effortlessly on the window sill and harvested within two weeks of their first – and only – water.


Don't forget to enter our Transfarmation competition with Sprout Accelerator here. Extended until 14th November.  Dan and Jacqui Cottrell are the couple behind Kiwi Quinoa, the first brand to bring homegrown quinoa to plates across the country. With the surging popularity of the South American superfood more and more countries are trying to grow the grain.  Dan and Jacqui are pushing for its expansion across New Zealand farms, saying it’s the perfect compliment to livestock and a great way forward in regenerative farming. Last week they were honored with the primary sector award at the annual New Zealand Food Awards.

Idealog + Sprout

Angus Brown is the founder of Ārepa, a caffeine-free, plant-based nootropic drink that has ingredients derived from New Zealand-sourced pine and blackcurrants and has been designed to alleviate stress. In 2012, Brown forked out for the ’10 Key Trends in F&B Report’ by New Nutrition Business to research for potential business ideas. Now, it’s New Zealand’s number one nootropic (improves cognitive function) food company and recently was part of Sprout's 2019 accelerator. Here, Brown talks the inspiration behind his business idea.


Do you have a brilliant business idea for the future of food? Idealog and Sprout Accelerator have teamed up to search for someone in the food production space to award a prize worth $85,000 to, which includes a place in Sprout’s accelerator in 2020, cash and tickets to the Natural Food Expo in the US in March next year and coverage in Idealog. The criteria for companies or businesses ideas we're really interested in are those who are using food waste in an inventive way, using indigenous ingredients or methods, or creating a more sustainable form of packaging. SSound like a bit of you? The deadline for entry has been extended until November 14.